Body Wraps

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Body wraps provide detoxification resulting in a firmer and slimmer silhouette. Lose 4″ – 15″ your first session.

Citrus Salt Glow Treatment
An exquisite skin treatment. Extraordinary body cleansing nourishes the skin. As well as acting as an abrasive, removing dried skin and dead cells. Salt is highly antiseptic, drawing and exfoliating. It also balances the electromagnetic fluid in the body.

Spirit and Soul Mud Therapy
Organic mud from Germany helps stimulate the metabolism. This brings out the body’s own natural detoxification process leaving you refreshed.

Yin and Yang Aromatherapy
Removes dried skin and dead cells with the use of sea salt. Yin oil is sedating and calming while Yang is energizing. A calming and soothing of the skin with hazelnut oil. Aromatic massage relaxes every sense and takes you to a new dimension of tranquility.

Body Firming Seaweed Treatment
This treatment smoothes the skin, stimulates skin tissues, tightens and firms the epidermis improving elasticity. Excellent during weight loss. The treatment includes loofah, sea salts and seaweed.

Body Wraps

• Note: 24 hour cancellation notice is required for all appointments, no refunds. A service charge (100% of the scheduled appointment) will be applied for missed appointments.