Massage Services

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Swedish Massage
Relieves tension using long hand strokes and muscle kneading.

Deep Tissue Sport Massage
Deep tissue technique for therapy in specially needed body area. Intended for athletes or anyone in need of penetrating manipulation of the muscles.

Hot Rock Acupressure
Hot stones used on pressure points to release tension, combined with massage.

Relax + Unwind Massage
Our Relax + Unwind  massage deep tissue or Swedish infused with CBD Balm is a rejuvenating fusion of full spectrum hemp extract and functional ingredients like lavender and chamomile—meant to lift the weight of the moment and promote a deep sense of calm. Our new and improved balm formulations deliver sustained relief from localized muscle pain and inflammation, all while nourishing skin and supporting your body and mind. This potent topical pairs well with carving out time for yourself after demanding days.

Deep Tissue Massage

Hot Rock Treatment

Hot Stone Massage

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• Note: 24 hour cancellation notice is required for all appointments, no refunds. A service charge (100% of the scheduled appointment) will be applied for missed appointments.